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Photo of eco-facts at The Village

What Can I Do?

There are so many easy things you can do in your daily routine to live a more sustainable life!

Moving Out? 

If you have extra food or other items, don't throw them away! Donate!

*Donations are being accepted June 1st through move-out weekend*

Food items:

The on-campus Triton Food Pantry (TFP) will accept any unopened, non-perishable food items. Donated food items will be properly sanitized before distribution through the Pantry. Look for the yellow donation bins nearby.

Bin Locations:

  • ERC: Residential Life office. Please knock to drop off donations. 
  • Warren College: Laundry rooms in Warren apartments (Douglas, Goldberg, Brennan, Black).
  • Sixth: Lodge Quad laundry room, and Camp Snoopy Landry Room.

Other items:

The Disabled American Veteran (DAV) non-profit organization will accept any donations except for pillows, mattresses, and food items. They even accept working and broken electronics. Please place large or fragile items next to the bin. Look for their red/white/blue donations bins in your college. 

Bin Locations:

  • ERC: On the terrace between Earth Hall North and South.
  • Marshall: Upper apartment cul-de-sac.
  • Muir: Next to the Muir Residential Life office. Between Tioga Hall and Tuolumne Apartments.
  • Revelle: Between Atlantis Hall and Keeling Building 3, near the dumpsters and parking lot P103.
  • Sixth: Lodge Quad.
  • Village: Outside of Tower West main doors.
  • Warren: Patio outside of the Student Activity Center (SAC).


Here's How To Help:


  • Use power strips- appliances use electricity even when they are turned off.
  • Opt for LED bulbs, and turn off the lights when not in use.
  • Turn off the faucet when brushing, shaving, and washing hands—and take shorter showers.
  • Report leaking faucets and sprinklers to Maintenance!
  • Avoid single-use plastic bottles. Use refillable water bottles and fill up around campus at Hydration Locations.
  • Use alternative transportation, including dockless bikes, UCSD shuttles, the bus, Zipcar, biking, and walking. For more visit
  • Check out our Green Living Guide (pdf) for more tips and tricks.


  • With your help, reusing can divert thousands of single-use plastic items from the landfill each year!
  • Choose your meals “for here” to eat on reusable china and utensils.
  • Bring your own cup to Dining Services locations for a 20-cent discount, and bring your own bag for a 5-cent discount.
  • Buy items secondhand! Check out the UCSD Friends Resale Shop.


  • Recycling is actually just as easy as throwing something in the trash- help the environment by recycling your items (pdf)!

  • Green Outlet Program

    • Through the Green Outlet Program, you can recycle materials that cannot go into single-stream recycling (and would otherwise go to the landfill). Check with your Reslife office to see if they offer this program. If they don’t, contact us!

    • These items are accepted:
      • Batteries
      • Air packaging cushions
      • Writing instruments (pens, pencils, markers, etc.)
      • Water filters (any size)
      • Electronic waste (cellphones, cords, etc.)
      • Ink cartridges
  • Keep electronics, lead, and other toxic metals out of UC San Diego trash by properly disposing it. A comprehensive list of what you can recycle (and how) is located on BLINK.