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Photo of eco-facts at The Village

Program with the EcoNauts

We bring fun, engaging, and educational programs about sustainability to your residents. Choose from our suggested program menu, or work with us to customize your event. Then choose one crafting activity for your event from our Craft Menu!

Please request programs from the set program menu below a minimum of two weeks in advance. Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for custom programs.


Schedule a Program

Have questions about programming? Email us at 

Program Menu:

  • Water Conservation NEW!
    • Every drop counts! Learn more about water conservation by playing our “Don’t Break the Ice” game! Find out what’s threatening our water resources, how you can save water, and how UCSD minimizes water consumption.
  • Environmental Justice
    • Environmental Justice is the fair treatment and involvement of communities in environmental policies and developments. Learn how environmental issues disproportionately impact low-income and minority communities and ways we can help address these challenges.
  • Navigating Public Transportation
    • Follow our interactive map and learn how easy it is to get to your favorite SD spots, without needing a car! This activity is a great introduction to the MTS public transportation system.
  • Trash Sort
    • Be the solution, not the pollution! In this program, residents learn how to properly sort waste at UCSD to increase waste diversion.
  • Sustainable Eats
    • Request "sustain-nibble" jeopardy for your next event to learn more about sustainability in the food system and on campus!
  • Green Living
    • Play our sustainable lifestyles game and test your sustainability knowledge! This game is a great conversation starter for sustainability issues.

Craft Menu (materials will be provided by the EcoNauts):

  • Tote Bag Decorating

    Reusable bags are a great alternative to single-use plastic bags. Personalize a canvas tote bag with the EcoNauts!


  • Seed Planting and Pot Decorating

    Grow your own herbs at your dorm/apartment! Get some seeds and soil, then personalize your plant pot for your new indoor plant.



Schedule a program now! 


Eco-Event Competition

Compete with other RAs/HAs to host sustainable events with us. There are three opportunities for you to win: Fall Quarter, Winter Quarter, and Spring Quarter.


  1. Host events with the EcoNauts.
  2. Earn points for your event (see rubric below).
  3. The RAs/HAs with the highest scores win prizes!


How to earn points:

Earn points (max. 10) by meeting the sustainability goals listed below. For each goal achieved, you will win one point.

  1. Zero-waste event- >90% of waste is diverted from landfill (recycled or composted)
  2. Eco-friendly giveaway- Reusable, vegan, etc. giveaway items are provided
  3. Sustainable food options- Treats that are vegan/organic/fairtrade/etc. are provided
  4. RA/HA actively participates in the event
  5. Minimum four resident attendees
  6. Residents are asked to fill out the Event Feedback Survey
  7. Minimum one resident survey response
  8. Sustainable event promotion via social media, newsletter, flyers, etc.
  9. RA/HA has programmed with the EcoNauts in the past
  10. RA/HA should help students with diverting waste from event



The top 10 RAs/HAs with the highest score that programmed with the EcoNauts will win the competition. Winners will be notified when each quarter ends.


Each winning RA/HA will receive a $30 Visa gift card!


If you have questions, please reach out to us at: